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Smartphone or web control anywhere

Control your entire home wherever you are from one App. Every dimmer, socket, radiator valve, relay and sensor connects to the LightwaveRF App via the ‘Lightwave Link’. This is a smart plug & play gateway box that simply plugs into your existing WiFi broadband router. The App is available as a free smartphone, tablet or Pc download, and includes features such as timers, events and group commands as standard.


What is LightwaveRF?

LightwaveRF is a leading UK based designer of cutting edge smarthome devices.  Since the first smartphones emerged, LightwaveRF has pioneered a unique approach to smarthome technology that has made it simple and affordable. We helped to kickstart the changes that mean many more people can now benefit from the energy saving, convenience, security, care and enjoyment that these smart devices can bring.


A passion for design

Technology should inspire. From the very beginning, we wanted our dimmers and sockets to perform as well aesthetically as they did technologically. The LightwaveRF range of slim-line, designer dimmer switches and sockets is the result. They are available in attractive stainless steel, white, chrome, and black chrome metallic finishes.



A truly comprehensive range

LightwaveRF is different from many other offerings on the market, because it provides a complete range of retrofit and plug & play lighting, heating and power control that is modular and affordable. You don’t have to switch Apps or remotes to control your heating or lighting. Everything works together.


No mess. no fuss: introducing retrofit

All LightwaveRF dimmers, sockets and heating devices can be retrofitted. No re-wiring is needed; existing switches and sockets can be substituted simply and quickly using the same connections.

All LightwaveRF devices are modular, so they can be installed together over time.  You can begin with as little as a Handheld remote and Dimmer Switch.


Smarthomes made simple

Every LightwaveRF device has been carefully designed so that it works manually as well as remotely; a LightwaveRF light-switch can be used like any other standard light-switch. The technology is not invasive, and aims to add functionality rather than to remove familiar controls. Many devices are plug & play and can be setup in minutes. No special skills are needed to install the wired modules.


Remote Control

Control your entire home wherever you are from one free App. Every dimmer, socket, radiator valve, relay and sensor communicates wirelessly to the LightwaveRF App via the ‘Lightwave Link’ – a smart, small plug & play box that simply plugs into your existing WiFi broadband router. Features such as timers, events and mood lighting come as standard. You can also control LightwaveRF devices with a range of handheld remotes or attractive wall mounted switches.

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Lighting control

Light up your life: create beautiful, transformational lighting scenes at the touch of a button with  LightwaveRF. Experience a unique range of smartphone controlled soft start retrofit dimmers in metallic designer finishes, along with retrofit and plugin options for intergrating other lamps. The wireless Mood Lighting Control, Mood Remote or Wire-free Switch can trigger pre-set lighting combinations involving several LightwaveRF dimmers and plug-ins.

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Power control

Empower yourself: LightwaveRF retrofit or plug-in sockets and relays are the best way to remotely control just about anything in the home. No extra wiring is required. Plug & Play adapter sockets give all the benefits of remote control in seconds without any re-wiring at all. In-line Relays are also available to switch large circuits via a handset or the App.

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Heating control

Keeping the heat off: room-by-room temperature control has never been this simple. Using a LightwaveRF, the boiler and every radiator can be individually controlled and monitored from a smartphone, tablet or PC using the LightwaveRF App. Create weekly profiles, monitor and set the temperature in real‑time. Make real savings in energy and money.

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Outdoor Control

The great outdoors: outdoor lighting and other powered devices, such as pond pumps or powered gates, can be controlled by LightwaveRF too. LightwaveRF waterproof housings allow our wireless switches and relays to be located outside in any weather. The range of the Lightwave Link will usually extend into the garden and, if not, a waterproof signal booster can provide the extra distance to control outdoor lighting and power.

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Knowledge is power: LightwaveRF has a growing range of sensors that can measure your energy use, capture movement, and automatically trigger other LightwaveRF devices.

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Home installation

Home installation

Find out how the simplicity of LightwaveRF makes it easiest smart home solution to DIY install.

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Commercial installs

Commercial installs

Find out why LightwaveRF’s low cost and flexibility makes it perfect for small commercial installs.

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UK's number one

You may not realise it, and you may not have even heard of us, but in terms of the number of systems we have installed, LightwaveRF is the UKs number 1 designer and manufacturer of cutting edge smart home devices. We are proud to represent the cutting edge of smart home technology design in the UK, and continue to pioneer new approaches.

We are a small and responsive team, and we have always valued your feedback which has helped us to improve and refine our offering, so please share your thoughts on our social media pages.


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