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Apple HomeKit

19 August 2021 | Lightwave

Control your home from wherever you are using Apple HomeKit thanks to Lightwave’s seamless integration.

HomeKit control

Lightwave Smart Series and heating devices are fully compatible with Apple HomeKit. Control your smart home using Siri from the comfort of your sofa or amend, activate and switch devices and on/off using the quick, easy and intuitive app.

• Control lights, sockets and devices with your voice or the Apple Home App

• Set up scenes and automations

• Switch on devices based on your geo-location with a Home Hub (Apple TV / iPad / HomePod)

• Create schedules and timers

• Integrate with third-party HomeKit compatible devices

Voice control using HomeKit


“Hey Siri, turn on [or off] the [device name].”


“Hey Siri, turn my [dimmer name] all the way up.”

Turn on/off device type:

“Hey Siri, turn on [or off] my [device]”


“Hey Siri, set [room name] to 21 degrees.”

Check Status:

“Hey Siri, is my [device name] on?”

Set a scene:

“Hey Siri, I’m home.”

Getting started

It’s very simple to start using the Apple Home App with Lightwave. The first step is to register your Link Plus and pair all your Lightwave devices to it. Next, open the Apple Home App and add your Link Plus as a new accessory. Once that is done, all your Lightwave devices will automatically be imported into Apple Home. You can then control your devices using voice control with Siri, the Apple Home App, or the Lightwave App.

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