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Make the most of your Smart Speaker

19 August 2021 | Lightwave

Smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Alexa have become a wonderful addition to millions of homes by answering questions, providing the latest weather and traffic news and for playing music. Perhaps you got one as a gift and it’s gathering dust on a table somewhere? What if we said that you could control your lights using only your voice? You’ll be pleased to hear that Lightwave devices can be controlled with 3 voice assistants so you can do that and much more.

A major benefit of Lightwave is that devices can be controlled using the app or through the physical controls. There are however times where our hands are occupied, making it a little more difficult to switch on a socket or turn on the lights. That’s where smart speakers can really make a difference, enabling a third option for controlling your home.

How can I use Lightwave with Voice Assistants?

Any device on your Lightwave app can be controlled through a Google/Alexa enabled smart speaker. For Apple users, HomeKit is also an option for the smart series range, giving you the ability to use Siri. Check out the Lightwave Apple HomeKit page to learn what HomeKit can do.

Below are some examples of how Lightwave can be used with smart speakers:

  • “Switch on/off kitchen lights.”
  • “Set heating to 21 degrees.”
  • “Turn on floor lamp.”
  • “Turn on heater.”
  • “Start movie mode.”
  • “I’m going to work.”
  • “I’m home.”

There are even more ways to control your home through the use of ‘routines’. Let’s say you wanted to switch on the kettle but also be told the weather and your calendar for the day. Maybe you want the lights to switch on at a set brightness by a specific voice command? The possibilities are endless.

What Smart Speakers can I use?

Any smart speaker/device that supports Google Home, Alexa or HomeKit can be used to control Lightwave.

  • Google Home speakers
  • Amazon Alexa devices (e.g. Echo / Echo Spot / Echo Show) or ‘Alexa enabled’ devices (e.g. Sonos)
  • Apple devices (e.g. iPhone / iPad / HomePod)

The setup is really quite simple. Once the smart speaker has been set up with your phone or tablet, you will be able to add Lightwave as an integration. This is essentially just authorising the speaker to work with Lightwave and takes less than a minute. It is important at this stage to ensure that the Lightwave device (dimmer or socket) is working via the app. Once this is completed, you’re ready to start using Lightwave with your speaker!

Note: If using Apple HomeKit, the setup is slightly different.

Explore the possibilities and make the most of your smart speaker with Lightwave.

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