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Smart tips for home security

19 August 2021 | Lightwave

Using smart technology to keep your home safe during the darker months

Almost  half (44%) of Brits are likely to go away during the winter months, when the number of burglaries increased by more than a third during this period last year. 

But despite this concern, we’re neglecting the most basic of security measures, with over a third (37%) saying they’ve forgotten to lock the front door and 46% having left windows unlocked when they’ve gone away overnight. 

However, cautious Brits are using technology to their advantage with almost two thirds (64%) saying they mimic occupancy (i.e. put lights on timers) in a bid to deter thieves.

“Homeowners and renters alike need to be extra vigilant at this time of year, with darker nights providing cover for burglars and making empty homes, with their lights off, easier to spot. 

“We’re seeing growing demand for smart systems that enable people to control their home environments remotely because it gives them peace of mind to know their home is safe. Lightwave’s research has shown this can be as simple as setting up a lighting system, which makes it look like someone is home when they’re actually out enjoying the festive season. 

“Improvements in smart home technology have advanced to provide homeowners with an extra layer of control, including smart locks, security cameras, remote-control lighting and power ecosystems which can be easily retro-fitted into the home. For anyone worried about break-ins this winter, we want them to know there are small, inexpensive changes they can make to their homes to help improve security and deter thieves.”

John Shermer, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Lightwave

A few top security tips for houses that are home alone:

  • Lights and sound – mimic occupancy by automating lights and setting blinds to open and close at typical times of the day in order to deter thefts. You can also use smart sockets to control other devices, like radios, to make the sure the house isn’t completely silent whilst you’re away.
  • Lock your windows and doors – burglars will try all entry points to get into the house, so it’s important to make sure that all windows are doors are both shut and locked when leaving the house unoccupied.
  • Keep expensive personal possessions out of sight – unless you keep your curtains closed, be sure to keep valuable personal belongings out of sight to reduce temptation to opportunists looking through the windows, particularly on ground floor or lower level flats and buildings.

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