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The Edwardian Renovation (Case Study)

19 August 2021 | Lightwave

When the owners of a magnificent 120-year-old property discovered Lightwave, they saw the immediate potential of marrying Edwardian charm with modern convenience by incorporating Lightwave smart technology. Looking past the dark wood stairs, the tiny kitchen and the outdated electrics, The Edwardian Renovation was set to be a complete restoration, renovation and extension project.

This was by no means their first step into property renovation. The owners had renovated their previous property, but only had the basics fitted for smart lighting and power. For their new home, they decided that they wanted to step their home automation up a level.

The Simplicity of Home Automation

The owner, a self-professed technology geek, likes the simplicity that home automation brings to their lifestyle. In their previous home, the owners had Nest cameras, video doorbells, Sonos speakers and smart bulbs, but the new property allowed them to consider a more integrated solution for smart lighting and wider home automation. 

They wanted a system that could do things like turn the porch lantern and internal ambient lights on at dusk, and turn them back off for bedtime. After conducting their research, the owners were impressed with the level of control that Lightwave could offer, along with the sleek finish that didn’t look too dissimilar from traditional light switches. 

Product list: 4-Gang Smart Dimmer (L24) – 3-Gang Smart Relay (L83) – Smart Mini-Relay (L82)

The Renovation

To begin with, Lightwave was set to feature in the extension, which covered a kitchen zone, a dining zone, a family/living space, and a small dedicated workout space. There are 8 distinct lighting zones in the large extension that are controlled by two 4-gang Smart Dimmers. This includes three different zones of sleek-looking, ‘plastered-in’ downlights in both the kitchen and the dining space, three pendant lights over the kitchen island, a stunning Tom Raffield oak-hoop pendant lamp in the lounge, strip lights in the lantern, and two ‘Magic Button’ triggers for the outside lights which are wired into a 3-Gang Smart Relay. That’s a LOT for two switches!

The 3-Gang Smart Relay also controls more of the outside lights: spotlights under the canopy, and lights running along the sides of the garden. Finishing the garden lighting is a set of festoon lights with decorative bulbs, which are connected to a Smart Mini Relay in a waterproof casing. This triggers the festoon lights to come on at dusk, again adding to the atmosphere at night.

Having added Lightwave to the extension, the owners have since decided to add Smart Dimmers into every room. Still, perhaps the most exciting addition is an artificial skylight on the landing, creating ‘daylight’ in a low light space. Running on a dawn-to-dusk timer and controlled by a Lightwave socket, you’d never know the difference! There is also a real glass light well in the extension, giving plenty of natural light to the living wall.

Lessons and Looking Forward for The Edwardian Renovation

As part of the set up process, we were pretty impressed to learn that the owners found a way to use Apple HomeKit and a Starling Home Hub to have Nest smoke detectors act as sensors to turn on Lightwave lighting products.

The house is nearly finished, but there is always more to do. The garden still remains an area of focus – the owners still intend to add a nice patio and additional lighting features with Lightwave Smart Relays. The loft is also set to be converted into two bedrooms with a spiral staircase, again with the possibility of Lightwave switches and smart control. 

A brilliant project, and some pretty impressive applications of Lightwave smart home technology. For more information on this gorgeous home, visit @theedwardianrenovation on Instagram.

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