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Lightwave PLUS

3 September 2021 | Lightwave

We’re incredibly excited to launch Lightwave PLUS, an additional membership on top of all the features that you get with your current Lightwave products. Smart technology is changing the way we live. The modern world is moving towards the Internet of Things (“IoT”) platform, and as a result, there has been an increasing demand for smart dimmers, smart sockets, smart heating and smart sensors that can function together as one system. The pace of modern living is frantic, and increasingly individuals are looking for a complete, stylish and affordable technology solution. As pioneers of the smart home technology sector, here at Lightwave, we strive to stay one step ahead by providing customers with a platform to control smart lighting, heating, power and security devices through one central App. 

What are the Key Lightwave PLUS Features and Benefits?

Lightwave PLUS is a brand new premium membership service that provides extra peace of mind, expert assistance, and exclusive rewards. Users can enjoy extra benefits and enhanced support for eight pounds a month or £80 per year. Below are some of the key benefits of the optional membership service open to Lightwave users.

System backup and restore – this allows you to protect your data, whatever happens. The Lightwave servers will automatically backup your system configuration data, including devices, automation, users, zones and rooms. All the system data can be quickly restored by recalling previous versions of your system. This data can subsequently be transferred to a new Link Plus hub.

5-year extended warranty – this applies to all Lightwave Smart Series devices and allows for extra protection if, in the unlikely event, a product develops a fault and needs to be replaced or repaired. The Lightwave PLUS membership extends the standard product warranty on each Smart Series device up to five years.

Lightwave PLUS Smart Rewards Scheme – All members accrue reward points against new product purchases and membership fees. Members can redeem these reward points at any time on any Lightwave product. 

Priority Member Support – members can book appointments with a team of highly qualified smart home experts. The team will be ready and waiting to provide members with professional assistance. If members need technical support to configure a new Lightwave system, the team can provide aid at the touch of a button. 

Smart Home Health Checks – as a member, you can book one-on-one sessions with a Lightwave expert to assess the health of your smart home system and provide fully customised advice on how to get the most out of your ideal smart home.

Custom Multi-Press Triggers – each button can trigger a selection of novel actions, including floor lamps, central heating, turning lighting on or off, as just a few examples.

Custom Button Mapping – This feature allows you to customise the order and location of each lighting circuit with a smart dimmer; each pair of buttons on a multi-gang smart dimmer can be swapped around regardless of the way each circuit is wired into the dimmer. 

Custom Dimming Profiles – use this fantastic feature to customise the dimming attributes of each lighting circuit in graphical form based on brightness over time. This feature is great to add a splash of professional lighting design to a room with zoned lighting.

A 13-month event history – this is a hands-free way of measuring your carbon footprint by simply tracking your energy consumption over the previous year. Why 13 months? As an example, this allows you to compare October this year to October last year.

How Lightwave PLUS was born

At Lightwave, we are passionately committed to constantly improving customer experience. Our technology is continually developing and improving in line with the latest technological advances since the launch of our second-generation Smart Series devices in 2017. In August 2021, all Lightwave devices in the Smart Series range received new and improved features with v5.0 firmware. This release is an excellent example of how we are delivering and providing the latest software for all of our customers. We wanted to go one step further and create additional, optional ways to support all our valued customers while maintaining all existing available features and product support at the highest level. 

The Inception and Development of Lightwave PLUS

Over the last two years, we have worked behind the scenes to develop the Lightwave PLUS membership programme. The central aim of Lightwave PLUS was to give consumers of smart home solutions the option to access a valuable suite of enhanced services and features that they could utilise to create extra peace of mind, expert advice and added rewards. We listened to customer feedback over the last decade and used that as the inspiration to formulate Lightwave PLUS.

The programme was developed using extensive rounds of Beta testing. Approximately 100 Beta testers were hand-picked to help shape the Lightwave PLUS membership. Lightwave selected the testers from Pro Installers, Smart Home enthusiasts, and general consumers of Lightwave smart technology. At the beginning of the process, the Beta testers were split up into two distinct groups – group A and group B. As a result of the development process, all the benefits and critical information related to the Lightwave PLUS membership have been encapsulated into one central page on the Lightwave website.

The Beta Team conducted regular and focused end-user feedback over an extensive period of nine months. The Beta-testing phase will continue now that Lightwave PLUS has launched to ensure the highest level of excellence in the services provided. In addition, we felt it was essential to include members of the Lightwave staff to test all elements of the membership package. This was vital, as Lightwave staff work with Lightwave products each day and understand how Lightwave can provide a better experience for valued customers and installers.

While Lightwave is excited to launch Lightwave PLUS, it is by no means essential. Lightwave has always stated that its core mission is to make life easier by developing superior smart home technologies that fit seamlessly into any lifestyle. Lightwave PLUS has been designed to add on to your existing system to create an elevated smart home experience. All Lightwave products can be retro-fitted and will need no additional wiring. As standard, all Lightwave products are compatible with Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

We’re proud that our customer service has been rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot. We continue to be committed to providing outstanding customer support services to all our customers. This will remain free of charge for all users. We have an expert team of in-house and UK based, qualified electricians to assist customers with any questions or concerns.

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