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The Benefits of Smart Home Security

3 November 2021 | Lightwave

An integral part of the ethos at Lightwave is to bring intelligent smart home solutions into any home. Home, after all, is where the heart is. It is also the place where the whole family needs to feel safe and secure. As winter approaches and the nights draw in, now is the perfect time to examine the benefits of incorporating Lightwave’s discrete smart home security features into your home. 

Push Notifications

Lightwave smart security solutions are reactive, highlighting a broad spectrum of possibilities to enhance your home security. The Link Plus is at the core of any Lightwave smart home, allowing you to control and automate your home however you like. In addition, all Lightwave devices can be centrally monitored and controlled via the Lightwave app. The app allows users to receive instant alerts to their smartphone or tablet, adding an extra layer of security and control. Use Lightwave push notifications to alert you when a light has been turned on, a door has been opened, or something has been unplugged. All Lightwave lighting & power devices have overheat protection built-in, which significantly reduces the risk of fire.

Smart automation has got you covered. 

A principal benefit of smart automation is the capacity to switch on or off devices in various sequences to make an empty home look like it’s occupied. This feature adds a proactive element to keeping your home more secure. Any combination of smart automation sequences can be pre-programmed, to fit in with your busy lifestyle and routines. Voice triggers or remote app commands can be used to control all your linked Lightwave devices from wherever you are in the world. 

An easy and convenient home security automation would be to keep some lighting elements active when you are out. Mimic occupancy by creating scheduled lighting automation in line with your daily routine. What’s more, you can activate this automation by saying “Alexa, away mode” just before you leave the house. Timers allow you to set devices to operate at the specific time of day you usually would use them. Add some much-needed sounds around the house to suggest that your home isn’t empty. By utilising Lightwave Smart Sockets and Smart Relays to control other devices, like speakers, you can guarantee there isn’t an eerie silence outside your home whilst you are at work. Groups make it easy to control multiple devices together, so you could set different dimmers throughout the house to switch on/off simultaneously. 

Go one step further and set your blinds to open and shut at dawn and dusk to discourage unwanted guests. This automation can be achieved with ease by utilising the Lightwave Smart Mini Relay. One can be fitted to motorised blinds to open and close them remotely. 

Family Safety

Fitting Lightwave Smart Dimmers helps give peace of mind to be able to switch off anything left on by mistake, helping to keep your home safe. Lightwave Smart Sockets can be locked using the Lightwave app. It is simple to automatically disable dangerous kitchen appliances, which is great for providing peace of mind regarding family safety. You could, for example, automatically turn off devices five minutes after use. This would ensure nothing dangerous is left turned on, thus preventing children from getting into difficulty, as they cannot turn on the appliances again without adult supervision. It is an excellent way of monitoring if any devices are using more energy than usual. This way, it is possible to understand whether they require maintenance or replacing due to a fault. 

Is anybody there? 

Movement sensors can detect whether a room is occupied or not, and Lightwave’s new Smart Sensor is in the final stages of development. The Lightwave Magnetic Trigger can be attached to a window or door frame using a simple adhesive strip. Once the trigger has been fitted, it can automatically control any Lightwave Smart Series device. For example, if your child decides to open the front door in the middle of the night, you will be alerted, as the magnetic sensor will be triggered immediately. 

The Lightwave Magnetic Trigger has the added benefit of improving the overall security of any home by triggering push notifications to a mobile phone. Therefore if any door or window is opened while you’re out of the house, you will know about it in real-time. Set up an automation to automatically turn on a Smart Dimmer when any door opens within the home for extra protection. 

It is clear that there are many benefits to incorporating smart home security into any home. As technological advances become more affordable, smart home products gradually become integrated into home security solutions. Various smart solutions provide homeowners with an extra layer of control, including smart locks, remote-control lighting and power ecosystems that can be easily retrofitted into the home. It is simple to integrate some small and inexpensive solutions to whole-home security. It helps to add peace of mind, convenience and control, whether you are away or at home.

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