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Save Money with Your Smart Home

7 December 2021 | Lightwave

As food, fuel and utility prices continue to rise and as the busy festive season approaches, it is beneficial to explore ways of saving money within your smart home. By incorporating smart elements into your daily routine, not only can you save money, but it also gives you the power to create a more energy-efficient and eco-friendly home. So, let’s take a look at just some of the ways you can save money with your smart home!

Automate your heating routine in advance 

The L92 Smart Heating Switch can be used to monitor and control domestic panel heaters, hot water cylinders, boilers, towel rails and electric radiators. The great advantage of including a Smart Heating Switch into your smart home is that it provides you with the option to pre-load energy tariffs into the Lightwave app. This calculates the representative cost of any energy used. In addition, the app gives you the capacity to review energy usage within the home over seven days. This is a great starting point to identify your current expenditure and enable you to pinpoint areas where you can reduce your energy costs. 

By employing the intelligence of smart heating, you can avoid losing money on wasted heat. The Honeywell Home Radiator Valve (Model HR91) allows you to conserve energy and reduce expenditure by customising the temperature of individual rooms. Pair it with The Honeywell Home Wireless Thermostat (Model DTS92E) to trigger any Lightwave device based on a room’s target temperature. For example, you could pre-programme the heating to come on 30 minutes before everybody comes home from work and school in the afternoon. In addition, you could set the heating to go off once it has reached the required temperature.

One of the key benefits of smart heating is that you don’t have to surrender comfort when reducing expenditure. Underfloor heating is a great example. Using a Lightwave Smart Relay or Smart Heating Switch to manage underfloor heating gives you the capability to only heat areas of the home that you are currently using. Movement sensors can detect when a room is currently occupied. The Lightwave Magnetic Trigger is easy to fasten to windows or door frames. Once fitted, it can automatically command any Lightwave Smart Series device. This gives you the option to turn off the heating of unoccupied rooms to conserve energy and reduce heating bills. Power is only consumed when necessary by utilising smart heating to work in conjunction with your daily routine. The outcome is cheaper bills and fewer emissions for your smart home.

Turn off any unnecessary devices

During a busy day, it is easy to leave household appliances either on or on standby. This can start to add to your monthly energy bills without you even realising it. Lightwave Smart Sockets can be installed in place of a standard socket without any additional wiring. Smart Sockets can be locked immediately using the Lightwave App. For example, you could automatically turn off devices two minutes after use. This has the dual benefit of creating peace of mind and reducing your energy consumption. 

Control your lighting

One of the simplest ways to reduce your electricity bill is to automate all the lighting components of your smart home. By creating a series of pre-set automations, you can ensure lights are only switched on when needed. Lightwave Smart Dimmers allow you to control your lights either at home or away; provide the ultimate convenience by setting clever ‘Automations’ to schedule your lights and have built-in energy monitoring as standard. This feature affords you the extra comfort of monitoring the amount of electricity you consume daily. It is simple to map your electricity usage in real-time using the Lightwave App. 

Consider using LED lights within your smart home, such as a Philips Master LEDbulb (DimTone), as LED lights have positively impacted energy efficiency in recent years. It is also possible to control the intensity of your LED lights using smart automation. By setting the lighting to 75% brightness, you can save on your energy bills. As all Lightwave smart devices can be controlled via the Lightwave App, adjust the lighting in each room as you wish. Or ask your Smart Speakers ‘Alexa, set the living room lights to 70%’. This way your smart home works with your daily needs in real time, saving you time, resources and money. 

Save energy, save money and reduce your carbon footprint. 

The beauty of smart technology is that it can add convenience, comfort and peace of mind and help you automate your home to fit in with your busy lifestyle. There are many simple and easy to implement strategies you can employ to save both money and energy in your smart home. By adopting smart devices to work with your lifestyle, you can make sure they only consume power when necessary. By incorporating the Lightwave App and charting your energy consumption, you’re getting a clearer picture of how much energy your devices and appliances consume. By harnessing the power of smart technology, you can save money, become more sustainable and reduce your carbon footprint all at the same time. Result!

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