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Half Term Holidays in Your Smart Home

21 February 2022 | Lightwave

The February half-term holidays are upon us and children are delighted by the prospect of a whole week off school! Invariably after the initial excitement of being at home wears off, the familiar phrase of ‘”I’m bored” is bound to be heard. In this post, we will help you avert holiday boredom with a touch of Lightwave magic. 

A Fun Daily Exercise Class

Thanks to his easy-to-follow exercise classes for all the family, Joe Wicks became a national phenomenon. So why not re-create a fun dance session or exercise class from the comfort of your living room. There are many great classes to choose from on YouTube. Set your Lightwave heating system to switch off at a set time before you start your workout so that you can exercise at a comfortable temperature. 

Themed Family Movie Nights

Start by putting lots of movie genres in a bag. Each night, a different family member will pick a random genre out of the bag. Next, you need to make classic cinema snacks, including fresh hotdogs and nachos. It is easy to make fresh popcorn at the touch of a button. Use the Lightwave Link Plus to create a ‘Magic Button’ to control all the smart elements of the kitchen seamlessly. 

Ready to watch the film? You can control the brightness of the cinema room lighting manually from your Lightwave app, or by voice command. You have the power to turn the lights off as the movie starts, and gradually brighten them as the credits roll. Lightwave Smart Dimmers allow you to control your lights from anywhere. This will enable you to create a real-life movie ‘scene’ by recalling different preset lighting combinations at the touch of a button. Want to supercharge your surround sound? Easy, for seamless integration, using the assistance of Apple HomeKit, Google Home or Amazon Alexa, you can say ‘Alexa, turn the volume up to 30’, to create the feeling of being in the cinema! 

Themed Family Dinners

Ask what the children are studying at school next term. Is there a particular country they are looking at in Geography, a specific book they are reading in English, or a foreign language they are learning? Use this as a base to create a fun themed family dinner. Go one step further and get everybody to dress up for the occasion as part of the theme. Next, prepare the feast! Get instant notifications with the Lightwave App on your smartphone when the oven is at the right temperature to start cooking your delicious themed menu. 

Preset the Smart Thermostat to automatically heat the dining room to the perfect temperature before you sit down to eat, create a playlist that matches your dinner’s theme, and call upon your smart assistant to play it in the background at the perfect volume. Simply schedule the music to start in conjunction with your Lightwave Smart Dimmer to action your atmospheric mood lighting. Pre-set the automation by selecting the ‘DO’ function via the Link Plus App or your smart assistant. For example, Dinner mood – (do) set switch to on, set brightness to 75% and the target temperature to 21 degrees. Perfect!

So there you have it, some creative ideas to keep the whole family entertained over the half-term holidays. Let us know how you plan to spend your week-off with Lightwave. Have fun! 

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