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Homebuilding & Renovating Show: The Trends of 2022

31 March 2022 | Lightwave

The Homebuilding & Renovation Show 2022 brings together companies that specialise in every imaginable aspect of home renovation under one roof – so no wonder it had to be held at the UK’s largest exhibition centre. Every sector was represented, from construction, to home automation to interior design to outdoor leisure. As well as sectors that go amiss when one thinks of renovating, including financing and insurance. It was true bliss for the home renovation fanatic, and even served as an ideal educational tool for contractors and tradespeople who want to keep up with ever changing interests. 

The Lightwave team visited the Homebuilding & Renovation Show 2022 to explore renovation trends for the coming year. The trade show, which is on the road all year round, stopped at NEC Birmingham from 23rd to the 26th of March 2022. In this blog we’ll be delving into the ins and outs of the trends in the home renovating sector to provide inspiration for your next renovation project.

Covid-19 Changed More Than You Think

It became very evident to us that the “home office” renovation trend of the prior years is no longer on top of the list. With Covid-19 restrictions completely lifted in the UK and easing everyone into a lockdown-free year, tradespeople are focusing on the outside of the property rather than the inside. And with BBQ season quickly approaching, the exhibition was a celebration of a summer that will be filled with friends and family in the garden. An activity that we have taken for granted and were reminiscing during those extremely warm months during lockdown, has now returned in a major way. Specialists at the show are focusing on turning the garden into an outdoor living room filled with leisurely devices left, right and centre. And after such a long 2 years, we deserve it. 

It was during Covid-19 that many have found a DIY-er within themselves and we had our feeds flooded with handcrafted bars in the garden, and this trend definitely is not over. The companies exhibiting supported everyone from novices to professionals with the tools and knowledge for a successful followthrough of any scale of renovation.

Support is Key

Having a vision is the start, each step after requires planning, labour, time scales and a realistic budget so make sure to inform yourselves and your contractors. The people responsible for putting the show together have even dedicated a very large space to the Advice Centre, which connected the amateur project-undertaker to specialists from all sectors to answer any questions and provide free guidance on their journey ahead. Whether you want to undertake the project yourself or find a contractor, understanding the foundations of the project is crucial for success.

Understanding the Canvas

Before undertaking any steps too rapidly, it is best advised that you survey your property and understand the capabilities of the land. Whether you want to build an extension, a pool or put in an outdoor sauna, always aim to have as much understanding of the area as possible to reduce costs later on. Take some time to suss out a company who is at the top of their game and are more than fully equipped to undertake each challenge, so you are supported every step of the way.

Living Room in Your Garden

Whether your dream is to expand the comfort of your home into the garden or kit out your current outdoor space, the show connected home renovation enthusiasts to new concepts that really broadened horizons. A patio or an outhouse are a great way to bring nature into your home. With a huge range of sustainable patio materials present at the tradeshow, it was a DIY’ers wonderland. You could add some personal flair by designing a bamboo dining area or creating an outdoor Italian pizza oven for a perfect at-home restaurant experience. Since we’re all about uniting the indoor space with the outdoor space in 2022, there is a particular focus on doors. We will see infinity patio doors becoming increasingly popular due to their design being able to seamlessly merge living rooms and gardens. Going one step further, adding smart home control to these doors can bring together style and functionality. 

It’s All About Texture

Texture, texture and texture. It is the primary interior design trend seen in 2022. From the first aisle after entering,  we were greeted by an incredibly unique display of cow hide rugs, which are exclusively available to purchase at shows and not online. Followed by a company which converts dismantled aeroplane parts into gorgeous and one of a kind pieces of furniture. For any aero-enthusiasts out there, like one of our colleagues who was in heaven, the show had something for everyone. That’s not all, for big families and for extravagant hosts, in 2022 oversized tree trunk table tops mixed with resin are the true showstopper. Every piece was different and really caused some traffic at the show.

Till Next Time…

So whether you’re looking to get the most out of the first restrictions-free summer by designing your own outdoor living room, or you just want to throw some maximalism in your interior design, we hope to see you at the show next year. And if you want to know how to make your home renovation smart, contact our team and we’ll be happy to support you on your journey!

The products, devices and companies mentioned in this blog, as well as those who have inspired us during our visit to Futurebuild 2022, are as follows:

123 Stairs

ABC Warranty

Alpine Surveys

Bamboo Connections


CCS Midlands


DappR Aviation

New Forest SIPs

Palm Spas

Pygmalion & Funck

Rainwater Harvesting Ltd

RP Bars


Shaw & Jagger Architects

Self Build Zone

Stunning Saunas

Tailored Tables

The Garden Furniture Centre

The Wellness Group

Urban Garden Space

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