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How You Can Include Lightwave in Your Home Renovations

7 April 2022 | Lightwave

One of the central goals of renovating any property is to create a home that you love to stay in. As house prices rocket, many people either renovate their existing homes or buy a project house that requires extensive work. With many exciting design trends emerging in 2022, this is an excellent opportunity to explore how to incorporate affordable and simple to install Lightwave products into various rooms of your next home renovation project.

Start with a central plan of action

Before commencing your home renovations, consider how you will use each room. Focus on how utilising security systems, smart speakers, light switches and heating systems would add convenience and peace of mind to your daily routine. Lightwave automations allow you to manage all the smart elements of the home using a combination of the Lightwave Link Plus hub, the Lightwave App and smart assistants such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit.

A key renovation trend is the desire to increase energy efficiency. By pairing the Lightwave App with an L92 Smart Heating Switch, you can pre-load energy tariffs related to your smart heating system to survey your energy consumption over seven days. This, in turn, helps create a more innovative, sustainable and cost-efficient home for all the family. 

The perfect office on your doorstep

One of the most significant renovation trends leading up to 2022 has been the creation of a home office. As any office is dedicated to working, creating a calm and creative workspace is essential. So why not incorporate another big trend, the theme of nature, into your office design? Using a colour palette that includes warm blues, greens and yellows, you can design a zen space that allows you to clear your mind and perform at a peak flow state. 

You can build Lightwave Smart Lighting and Heating into your office renovation to help create a relaxing environment to work or study. By operating the Lightwave Smart Thermostat, you can pre-programme the heating to come on 20 minutes before you are due to start work to heat the office. Then set the heating to turn off 20 minutes before the end of your work session so that you can leave work behind. Using a Lightwave Smart Dimmer, you can pre-programme the office lights to come on at a raised illumination during each work session.

Create a home spa experience in your bathroom

Another top renovation trend this year is the creation of a bathroom that acts like a spa. There is nothing more indulgent than enjoying an evening at the spa, so why not create one that matches your design tastes? Use a Smart Thermostat in conjunction with the Lightwave App to get the perfect temperature for your spa experience. Add a Whirlpool bath that can be filled with calming aromatherapy oils to extend the theme of clearing your mind. 

Want a chilled soundtrack for your spa experience? Simple. Create a tracklist of all the songs you enjoy. Say ‘Alexa turn Spa playlist on’ and command your smart speakers to start the music. Want to create a touch of magic? Schedule the music to commence simultaneously with your Lightwave Smart Dimmer to create the perfect spa ambience. Preset the automation by selecting the ‘DO’ function via the Link Plus App or your smart assistant. For example, Spa mood – (do) set switch to on, set brightness to 65% and the target temperature to 21 degrees. This also has the added advantage of allowing you to monitor your energy consumption.

There are so many possibilities for including Lightwave into your home renovations. If you would like to discuss your ideas, our team of specialists can help provide expert advice tailored to your needs. You can book a free smart home consultation here

Good luck on your home renovation journey!

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