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Look Book: Minimalism At Lightwave

16 May 2022 | Lightwave

Look Book:


By Roxy Kasprzyk

It’s origin.

Established in New York City in the 1950s, the Minimalist Movement was born out of a Western spin on Japanese culture.

“Less Is More”

Mies van der Rohe

It is based on a simple principle: balance between beauty and utility.

A concept that Lightwave’s values were found upon.

The world is a lot more digital than it was 70 years ago, technology is seeping into our homes.

Smart Home technology started as bulky servers and clunky gadgets, about a decade ago this changed as a new wave of integrated technology emerged onto the market. This technology is capable of automating your entire property, all through that one little device that is constantly in your pocket. While others forgot to make room for beauty, Lightwave has been merging elegance and convenience since our inception.


It is within our homes that we feel the comfiest, it is where we leave behind the hassle and bustle of the everyday.

“We shape our homes, then our homes shape us”

Winston Churchill

Sacrificing beauty for convenience is a decision that no-one should ever have to make. At Lightwave we have designed our products to be seen only when you need them, or to be positioned as an extension of your home’s architecture.

  • LP21 White Metal 1-Gang Smart Dimmer

Share your Minimalistic vision.

Tell us how Lightwave fit into your Minimalistic home. Or if you decided to visit the opposite end of the interior design spectrum and experimented with Maximalism.

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