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Lightwave Summer Round-Up

2 August 2022 | Lightwave

Weekly Energy Insights – Coming Soon! 

We are about to unveil our weekly Energy Insights email service, which will be available to all users. Coupled with the upcoming Energy Dashboard, you will be able to access incredibly useful granular data about your home’s energy consumption. The dashboard will combine the data from compatible Lightwave devices within your home and the emails will provide useful insights into your energy routine. You can better understand your home, your devices, and appliances to pinpoint where there is energy wasted.

Launching the first of five devices… 

LP70 Smart Motion Sensor

The LP70 Smart Motion Sensor is the first of five devices that we have been working hard to launch. With an impressive list of specs, the Smart Motion Sensor is a model representation of what’s to come with the remaining four devices to be announced. If you don’t want to miss any updates on Lightwave launches, follow our socials or register for our mailing list to be the first to know. 

New Luxury Finishes

To celebrate British engineering and design excellence we are launching a range of Luxury Finishes, also known as The Avalon Collection. The range includes the most sought after metallic finishes that will perfectly tie into any home. There are 5 finishes that make up the collection: Antique Brass, Matte Black, Mirror Brass (looks like gold), Mirror Chrome and the grandest one of them all will be a custom paint matching service.

LP22 Smart Dimmer (2-Gang) in Mirror Brass

Lightwave in Standby 

The term “Vampire Devices” has officially been coined in reference to pesky appliances that suck up considerable amounts of energy when not in use. The Lightwave system can help fight the vampires living in your home. Our Chief Engineer has tested how much power each Lightwave devices uses in standby mode and the offset it can provide in savings. This report will make the basis for our next blog so keep your eyes peeled on our socials to delve into the energy efficient backbone that makes up the Lightwave system.  

Our online shopping experience is continuously improving

You may have already noticed some changes in our online store, from a slicker store layout to a more aesthetic representation of our products. It is one of our top priorities to make our customer’s journey as efficient and pleasant as possible, so over the next couple of months feel free to explore our website (you’re already here after all) and see the difference for yourself!

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