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National Home Security Month

12 October 2022 | Lightwave

Security is a feeling we all strive for. We want to feel secure in ourselves, in our jobs, in our finances, we want to feel secure in our relationships and our decisions. Feeling secure at home is something that far too often falls to the back of our minds. Every October marks National Home Security Month, an awareness campaign that has been running for a decade. It highlights the importance of preventative measures in securing your home. It’s more than just protecting your home from burglars and opportunistic thieves, it aims to make you feel comfortable about your loved ones and your most cherished possessions.

Understand your surroundings

Just like Bear Grylls, know your area. To feel fully secure, take the time to get to know your street and the parks close by. A useful tool that can be found on the NHSM website is the postcode checker. If you are looking to buy a property or have recently moved, check the safety of your neighbourhood. Crimes, thefts, anti-social behaviour and robbery are all public information and can be accessed very easily. Opt for safer neighbourhoods, and homes on roads with street lighting. A great tip is to get social! Get to know your neighbours, this isn’t to spy on them (don’t get the spy gear out just yet), but to build a community. You’ll feel safer knowing who lives around you, and potentially find folks who will keep an eye out on your home when you’re at work or on holiday. 

Pay special attention to your entrance

NHSM research revealed that only 11% of people change the locks after they move home, leaving opportunity for unwelcomed guests. Locks come with a star rating and it dictates how easy they are to manipulate for unlawful entry. 3-star lock cylinders are anti-snap, anti-drill and anti-pick, so you can feel more secure. If you want to go one step further, a smart lock is almost impenetrable to thieves and burglars. Your smartphone has full control over the access to your home. You can send digital keys to trusted people and revoke their access when you please. Installing lights at the front of your property is also a strong deterrent from the figures that use the night as cover for their illicit activities.

Smart home technology is your friend

76% of household burglaries in England and Wales occurred by the perpetrator gaining access through an open window. It is also quite common for some of us to leave windows unlocked and open at night, giving opportunists an easy entry. PIR motion sensors are the answer to those who wish to let fresh air in but also want to protect their home. Covering all windows and entrances with motion sensors ensures all movement is recorded and you can be automatically alerted if something is picked up. Smart sockets can serve as an ideal anti-theft measure. Your phone can be sent a notification when expensive devices are unplugged, such as TVs and desktops so you can keep an eye on your property even when you aren’t home.

The NHSM website contains tons of useful advice, tips and resources to help you feel more secure and protect your home. Use their checklist to tick off what you’ve already done or as inspiration for future security ideas. Good luck!

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