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Introducing Mark-2 Smart Series

24 October 2022 | Lightwave

Re-engineered, from the inside out

Our new & improved core range of products have been completely re-engineered. They may look the same on the outside, but after all, we already produce the best looking products in the smart home industry.

Improved energy monitoring for appliances

Helping our customers save on their energy bills is vital to our vision. The accuracy of our new Mark-2 Smart Sockets has improved significantly, giving you the confidence and ability to figure out exactly where you can cut back on wasted energy. Trust us, install a few of our sockets and you’ll be surprised!

100% recyclable packaging

We know that our smart home devices can help people cut down on their energy consumption, but now more than ever, it is essential to make sure we are also cutting down on waste as much as possible. Our completely redesigned packaging solution is 100% recyclable and more sustainable for global shipping given its reduced size and volume. 

Planning for the future

At Lightwave, we strive for our system to defy obsolescence for as long as possible and remain a valuable asset to our customers. The LP range is a prime example of our engineers planning for the future, and providing more value for money to our users. We’ve re-engineered our core range of products introducing seamless functionality with new launches.

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