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Lightwave Update: What’s the matter with Matter?

19 December 2022 | Lightwave

What is Matter?

There is a noticeable amount of hype around about a new smart home protocol formerly known as CHIP, now called Matter. The concept is, supposedly, devices from different smart home brands will work together seamlessly, your system will not be reliant on the cloud, and your smart home becomes more future-proof. In a nutshell, the goal of Matter is to allow homeowners (and professionals alike) the ability to build a smart home that is its own personal ecosystem. 

We are continuing to take a detailed look into the efficacy of Matter, but there is a fairly significant early challenge. At the moment, Matter ‘version 1.0’, although commendable in its concept, is quite basic in its functionality. Our experienced engineers are trying to figure out how to make the Lightwave system work with Matter without negatively impacting the features and benefits we’ve worked so hard on creating since our inception in 2008. 

We are extremely protective over our system and the solution it provides to our loyal users, so we must be absolutely sure that Matter works for us before we commit to anything on a deeper level.

As Matter develops within the smart home market, so will our insight and position around how to make it work with Lightwave. We will update this page periodically any keep you all updated.

Please give us your feedback

Lightwave is a customer-led company, and we would love your feedback on this topic. We have created a Matter specific feedback survey which will provide us invaluable insight into what our customers would like to see from us in the future. We are grateful if you would take the time to complete it.

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