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Ideas for the Wire-Free Smart Switch

13 March 2023 | Lightwave

What can I do with the Wire-Free?

Well, that’s a great question! And that’s exactly why we’ve written this post. We have put together some interesting ways that you can use the Wire-Free Smart Switch to transform how you interact with your home.

Location, Location, Location

Are your doors mounted the wrong way round?

Maybe your kitchen light switch is too far from the entrance?

Want to have a light switch next to the bed?

Well, the Wire-Free Smart Switch is perfect for that. You can have a light switch EXACTLY where you want it, with no need to channel out the wall or have any electrical work done!

Pre-set Lighting Scenes

Each command on the new Wire-Free Smart Switch is sent through the Link Plus hub, meaning that you can trigger any automation you want. This combines the features of our Connect Series wire-frees, scene selectors, and then some!

Using the IF-DO automation within the Lightwave app, you can build custom scenes with fine-tuned lighting levels and assign them to any button on your Wire-Free Smart Switch. This includes floor lamps, table lamps and any other light fittings within your Lightwave system.

Multi-Press Built In!

Each button can trigger a multitude of different actions. Using multiple presses of a single button, you could trigger your floor lamps, heating, or turn off every light in your home.

Single Press = Chandelier ON

Double Press = Floor Lamps ON

Triple Press = Master All Lights ON

Long Press = Turn Heating ON

Alexa, HomeKit, Google & Others

The Wire-Free Smart Switch can trigger third-party automations and routines. This means you can control smart devices from other brands. Have a look in your chosen smart home assistant to see how powerful this can be! As an example, we set up a double-press to start playing Spotify from our Amazon Echo. That’s pretty slick!

Leave us your ideas

If you’ve got an interesting way you use the Wire-Free Smart Switch, then let us know! Comments are open at the bottom of this page.

9 responses to “Ideas for the Wire-Free Smart Switch”

  1. Using mine next to my bed, I can’t seem to get my wiring over there without spending £££, now I can do it wirelessly via the wire free one gang and my wired one gang.

    Job well done Lightwave!

  2. I absolutely love my new wire-free switch, had the gen-1 versions but this is a definite upgrade. I have a 4 channel wireless switch in my cinema room so that I can control everything with one switch, my family love it too!
    Gang 1: Open/close my blinds
    Gang 2: switch sockets
    Gang 3: Turn on/off and dim lights
    Gang 4: cinema mood scene – dims the lights to 20%, turn on sockets and closes blinds

    I would highly recommend

  3. My electrician has told me that I would need to re-wire and re-plaster my entire kitchen to get a light switch next to my back door.
    So glad these have finally been released as it will save a lot of hassle and cost.

  4. I’ve just received my pre-order and I’m really impressed. Setup was a bit fiddly but the multi-press feature is a real game changer compared to the rest of my smart home stuff. I’ve got a 3 gang and I can literally trigger any lighting scene I can conceive of with any of my light fittings and floor lamps.

  5. This is a great step forward. I use a Home/Away button at the bottom of the stairs to trigger an all lights out and bedroom lights on routine. But looking at the promo for the 4 gang wire free switch, my mind is on overtime. I like to scene set in the house as we move from conservatory to lounge in the evening and use a combination of Alexa and Lightwave to achieve this. I will certainly look at different options now.

  6. Hello.

    I have a 3 gang wireless switch with the following scenes:

    Gang 1) Double tap turns my office light to 20%, triple tap 30% and so on.
    Gang 2) Alexa routine to play my favorite’s music with a double tap
    Gang 3) Kill switch for the office, so all power and lighting is turned off with one press.

  7. I have mine next to my bed so that a single press copies my bedroom light switch. A double press on the top button turns all of the downstairs on (in case I hear something late at night), and a double press on the bottom button turns the entire house off (and most of the sockets) so that I don’t forget anything when going to bed.

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