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Lightwave Labs: What is Futureproofing and Why is it Important?

Technology advances quickly, and sometimes it’s hard to keep pace with innovation. Here in the UK, the average consumer upgrades their mobile phone every 2½ years and according to Michael Gartenburg from Gartner research “meaningful changes in gadget technology tend to happen every three to four years.”  Futureproofing in technology is when a product or […] Read

Lightwave Labs: Designing Smart Series Wire-Free Dimmers

Lightwave’s team of product designers and engineers have been developing a fantastic Wire-free Dimmer solution for the Smart Series that has the capability to disrupt the home automation market. We sat down with Kat, Lightwave’s Industrial designer to draw the curtain on the design process behind this impressive product, and capture some detail on the […] Read

Lightwave Labs: The Global Chip Shortage

Global Impact You may have already heard the advice to start shopping early this year for Christmas because there are massive stock shortages on the horizon. Well, this is one of the main reasons. Microchips are at the centre of the tech industry; they are an integral component of any modern electronic device. There is […] Read

Lightwave Labs: Honeywell Home Integration

Lightwave’s hardware integration with Honeywell Home is particularly unique, and since we’re getting into the thick of the heating season here in the UK, there’s no better time to take a deep dive into what makes this partnership and integration so impressive. Market Leaders in Smart Heating Honeywell Home by Resideo produces some of the […] Read

Lightwave Labs: Environmentally Sustainable Packaging Design

Welcome back to Lightwave Labs. One often overlooked but vitally important design element of any product is its packaging. This edition of our innovative blog series will open the box on the Lightwave design process. We dropped in on the team responsible for redesigning Lightwave’s packaging to discover the process behind designing  versatile, sustainable and […] Read

Lightwave Labs: L92 Smart Heating Switch

Welcome to Lightwave Labs. As true pioneers of the smart home technology sector, here at Lightwave, we endeavour to always stay one step ahead by producing the highest quality products that perform superbly and are safe for your home. In this new series, we aim to delve deep into the world of engineering to discover […] Read