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Lightwave Labs: Environmentally Sustainable Packaging Design

Welcome back to Lightwave Labs. One often overlooked but vitally important design element of any product is its packaging. This edition of our innovative blog series will open the box on the Lightwave design process. We dropped in on the team responsible for redesigning Lightwave’s packaging to discover the process behind designing  versatile, sustainable and […] Read

What is Smart Heating?

A smart heating system allows you to regulate your central heating using a combination of smart devices and a simple application on any internet-connected device. Effectively, by introducing smart heating into your home, you create a system that operates intelligently and autonomously. It opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to design a heating […] Read

Lightwave Labs: L92 Smart Heating Switch

Welcome to Lightwave Labs. As true pioneers of the smart home technology sector, here at Lightwave, we endeavour to always stay one step ahead by producing the highest quality products that perform superbly and are safe for your home. In this new series, we aim to delve deep into the world of engineering to discover […] Read

What is a Smart Dimmer?

In this article, we dive into the world of smart dimmers and smart home automation, what they are, how they work and how they can fit effortlessly into any modern, smart home. Just What is a Smart Dimmer? Typically, the average home will have a central light switch in each room which aims to regulate […] Read

Fifi McGee Case Study

Fi and Neil McGee were blown away by the potential of creating their ideal smart home when they discovered a character-filled 1930s semi-detached house for sale. It proved to be the perfect blank canvas to combine the generous proportions the property offered with the convenience of Lightwave smart technology to create a modern, light and […] Read

How to build Smart Home Technology into Your New Home

Smart automation allows homeowners to control and communicate with the many elements of their home, including mobile devices, light switches, heating systems, smoke alarms, security systems, and air quality monitors. This works through smartphone apps, voice-activated commands, smart speakers, or central home hub devices. Let’s take the bull by the horns and launch into our […] Read

Lightwave PLUS

We’re incredibly excited to launch Lightwave PLUS, an additional membership on top of all the features that you get with your current Lightwave products. Smart technology is changing the way we live. The modern world is moving towards the Internet of Things (“IoT”) platform, and as a result, there has been an increasing demand for […] Read

Introducing v5.0 Firmware: the next step for Lightwave

Lightwave launched its first Smart Series devices in 2017. In August 2021 – four years later – all devices in the Smart Series range are receiving new and improved features with v5.0 Firmware.  Auto Calibration  Auto Calibration is easily the most impressive ‘under-the-bonnet’ feature of the Lightwave Smart Series Dimmers, and now v5.0 Firmware takes this feature several steps forward. This is a brilliant way to counter-act […] Read

Introduction to Automations

A home becomes a smart home when devices operate intelligently and autonomously. A main function of the Link Plus is automation, which can be setup to control lighting, power and heating throughout the home i.e Create moods and set different scenes (sequence of actions) with delays between each action. These can be created from the […] Read

Concrete Cow Barn (Case Study)

The Concrete Cow Barn case study follows the exciting transformation of a 1950s concrete and asbestos barn into a modern home. A young family with previous experience of restoring an old cottage, stumbled upon the opportunity to take an unloved concrete shell and turn it in a contemporary living space. The owners decided to take […] Read
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