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5 Things To Do Before Your New Lightwave Products Arrive

You’ve just found out that your new Lightwave products are on the way – how exciting! It’s important to follow these five essential steps to ensure a smooth setup and installation of your new smart home.

1. Check compatibility

This step is absolutely vital and could cause a big headache during the installation process. Here are some key considerations regarding compatibility:

  • Have you got dimmable LEDs? Not all LEDs are dimmable – check out our compatibility guide for more information
  • Minimum and maximum loads on your lighting circuits should be considered, read more about this here
  • Are you using LED strips with Lightwave dimmers? More information here.
  • It’s worth checking whether you’ve got Neutral wires available behind your light switches as this may improve certain aspects of the installation process

You might also want to check if your existing back boxes are the right depth. To do this, switch off your mains electricity and unscrew one of your existing switches or sockets to check. We recommend 35mm depth, but we do include a spacer that gives you an additional 7mm of clearance for all those messy wires!

2. Plan your installation

If you’re in the middle of a build project then you should be good to go! If not, check to make sure you’ve got access to all of the existing components that you’re swapping over to Lightwave. Assess to see if you might damage any lining paper, plaster board, or wooden trim during the installation.

The Link Plus hub has to be plugged into your Internet router, so ensure it is accessible and that you’ve got a spare ethernet port available.

You may have some other electrical considerations. What colour / how recent is my electrical wiring? How can I access the main consumer unit and turn off the appropriate circuits? We have a national network of Lightwave PRO installers that you might need to consider.

3. Download the Lightwave app

You can download the Lightwave Link Plus app for free from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. A demo account is available from the login screen, so you can get familiar with features like where to pair a device and where to build automations.

4. Research features and benefits

You’ve probably done a lot of Lightwave research already during your decision making process (thank you for choosing Lightwave)! In addition, the Discover and Inspired Living sections of our website are a great place to start, and our Support Site has a wealth of very useful information for users of all levels.

Have you considered becoming a Lightwave PLUS member? You’ll benefit from extended product warranty, data backup and restore, access to our energy dashboard and more!

5. Learn how to contact us

Our customer support is superb – and rated ‘Excellent’ on TrustPilot! If you have any questions or find yourself in a pinch during installation, these are your options to get in touch:

  • Click on the green chat icon in the bottom corner to activate our Live Chat assistant
  • Submit a support ticket here
  • Call our customer support on 01212503625