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Smart Sockets v Smart Plugs

When it comes to Smart Power, there are two main camps to choose from: Smart Plugs, or Smart Sockets. This roughly breaks down to the difference between a plug-and-play option or a hardwired one. Of course, in both cases you’re able to control your devices remotely; through an app or voice command. You can set […] Read

Top Tips for Retrofitting Smart Homes

It’s the season for Spring cleaning and home improvements and here at Lightwave, we wanted to share our top tips and tricks for home owners who are considering taking a leap forward into smart home. We often put off starting big jobs as they can seem daunting, messy, and let’s face it, no one wants […] Read

Lightwave: A Green Solution

The last Saturday of March marks an important day for environmentalists the world over, as millions of homes across more than 180 countries switch off their lights as part of Earth Hour. The climate crisis is one of the biggest challenges facing the world today, and Earth Hour helps to bring attention to what we all can […] Read

Smart tips for home security

Using smart technology to keep your home safe during the darker months Almost  half (44%) of Brits are likely to go away during the winter months, when the number of burglaries increased by more than a third during this period last year.  But despite this concern, we’re neglecting the most basic of security measures, with […] Read

Honeywell Home radiator valves work with Lightwave

Whats new? Lightwave is now fully compatible with the Honeywell Home HR91 & HR92 thermostatic radiator valves. This means that you can use the Lightwave App to monitor, control and schedule these devices (Lightwave Link Plus required) and use them to control your radiators. No plumbing is required. What can the new Honeywell Home valves […] Read

Tips to keep your family safe

At Lightwave, we know that family is important. Keeping the home safe for all family members can be made easy with our range of smart home safety devices. Find out more with our home safety tips in this article.  Family Safety in the Home We all know the routine, walking out the front door, and […] Read

Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Creating the right ambience can help to transform your bedroom into a peaceful haven, prime for relaxation. In this bIncreasingly, the kitchen has become the new focal point of the modern home; we spend more time and money on the kitchen than any other room of the house (the average kitchen renovation tables at around […] Read

Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Creating the right ambience can help to transform your bedroom into a peaceful haven, prime for relaxation. In this blog, Lightwave explores bedroom lighting ideas focusing on how to incorporate smart bedroom lighting into your home. Smart Bedroom Lighting Ideas We spend many hours of our life in the bedroom: we rest, we regenerate, and […] Read

How do Smart Lights work?

‘Smart lighting’ is becoming a term that more of us are increasingly familiar with nowadays, as smart or connected devices become more common in our homes. Most of us understand that this involves some aspect of remote control for our standard switches; but what exactly does this involve, and how does it work? In this […] Read

Smart Bulb v Smart Switch

Understanding smart lighting can be tricky. If you Google ‘Smart Lighting’ you’ll see a mix of light bulbs and light switches. Which one do you need? This blog will explain the difference between the options and point you in the right direction. To put it simply, a smart light bulb replaces the ‘normal’ light bulb you already […] Read
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