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LED Bulb or Lamp Compatibility

Due to the lack of uniform standards in the expanding LED market, LED lamp (bulb) technology and performance currently varies greatly. This has made compatibility with dimmer switches a difficult issue to resolve for manufacturers. Lightwave dimmers have been purpose designed to automatically calibrate to individual lamp types to ensure that they are compatible with the latest dimmable LED lamps. In this regard, Lightwave dimmers are one of the leaders in their class.

Our guide for choosing the right bulbs or lamps

1. Make sure you see this symbol on the packaging and/or on the lamp itself

If the symbol looks like this, it is not compatible with Lightwave smart dimmers

2. Consider how many lamps are within the lighting circuit, and make sure the total load (Watts) is within the recommended load

Dimmer Loads
Max LoadMin Load
(no Neutral)
Min Load
(with Neutral)
Max # of Lamps
per circuit
Smart Series80-100W10W5W15
Connect Series
(1 & 2-Gang)
Connect Series
(3 & 4-Gang)

* Advisory *
Whilst the majority of dimmable LED lamps perform very well from the moment that they are installed, some varieties of may require manual calibration, or additional lamps on the circuit to increase the total load. A minority of lamps may continue to function poorly even after calibration. As a general rule we do not recommend exceeding 100W of LED load per gang for Lightwave dimmers, but damage to dimmers may occur at levels below 100W if the LED lamps used are not dimmable (always check the lamp spec) or incompatible.

For more information on dimmer compatibility with different types of lamps, including LED strip, please adhere to guidelines mentioned on our support page.

If you require more assistance please call us on 0121-250-3625, or you can submit a support ticket here.