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Lightwave PLUS

We’re incredibly excited to launch Lightwave PLUS, an additional membership on top of all the features that you get with your current Lightwave products. Smart technology is changing the way we live. The modern world is moving towards the Internet of Things (“IoT”) platform, and as a result, there has been an increasing demand for […] Read

Introducing v5.0 Firmware: the next step for Lightwave

Lightwave launched its first Smart Series devices in 2017. In August 2021 – four years later – all devices in the Smart Series range are receiving new and improved features with v5.0 Firmware.  Auto Calibration  Auto Calibration is easily the most impressive ‘under-the-bonnet’ feature of the Lightwave Smart Series Dimmers, and now v5.0 Firmware takes this feature several steps forward. This is a brilliant way to counter-act […] Read

What is Intelligent Living?

In the last year, smart home aficionados have come across more and more talk about something called Intelligent Living. Read

What is a Smart Relay?

In some of our recent blogs, we’ve been exploring the differences between plug-and-play options and their installed counterparts. Read