Boiler Switch


Model LW920 (Connect / Smart Series)

The Boiler Switch is designed to link to the wireless Lightwave Home Thermostat, which in turn can connect to the Lightwave Link and App. The Boiler Switch is used to turn the boiler on or off according to the schedule set by the Thermostat (or App). This can be done remotely from anywhere via your smartphone.

The Boiler Switch requires a simple wired connection to a combi boiler (the most common boiler type) where a room stat would normally be connected. This can be DIY installed, and comprehensive instructions are provided. It can also be added to a Y or S plan system boiler setup. Switch your boiler on from anywhere at any time with our smart heating control app.

A Link Plus is required to control Smart Series devices and enable the use of Apple Home Kit.

The boiler switch also requires the Lightwave Smart Thermostat to operate.

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  • Lightwave Link Plus required

Switch your boiler on from anywhere at any time with our smart heating control app.


Control heating from phone

With Lightwave’s smart Boiler Switch connecting to the wireless Lightwave Home Thermostat, you can remotely switch your boiler on using an app on your smartphone.

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Product Specifications

Smart Series device

Requires Link Plus and Link Plus App for operation


Works with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT


The Lightwave Boiler Switch requires a Lightwave Thermostat to operate

Full Specs


9.6 x 2.2 x 9.4 cm