Plug-in Starter Kit


Originally £136.98

Model LW930 (Connect Series)

The Lightwave Link is the core of the system and provides control of your home from anywhere via the Lightwave App. It is plug and play and simply uses a standard ethernet cable to your home broadband WiFi router. Once powered up, the Lightwave Link allows the App to control over 200 individual Lightwave devices in the home from wherever you are. This can include dimmers, switches, sockets, heating, alert systems, and outdoor lighting.

Model LW321 (Connect Series)

Plug and play adapter sockets give all the benefits of remote control without any rewiring at all. Just plug them into an existing standard socket to provide instant control, grouping and mood lighting up to 3000W. Each socket kit comes with a remote control, but the plug-ins can also be controlled from the Lightwave App with the Lightwave Link.

This offer brings you a Lightwave Link and a plug-in on/off kit for just £99 while stocks last. Discount shown is against the individual purchase price.

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  • Lightwave hub required for app and voice control

Simple set-up and easy wireless control that helps you to automate your home from wherever you are.

Remote control your

Christmas Lights

No more crawling underneath your Christmas tree to reach the socket. With the Lightwave Plug-in Starter Kit you can turn your lights on with the remote, mobile app or schedule them to turn on and back off again automatically whenever you wish, from anywhere in the world.

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Product Specifications

Connect Series device

Compatible with Connect Series dimmers, sockets and relays

Plug & Play

Wire-free and portable: position anywhere without the need of cabling

Full Specs - Lightwave Link


10.1 x 3 x 10.1 cm





Full Specs - Plug-in On/Off kit


25 x 17.2 x 7.8 cm






3000W (per plug-in)