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Lightwave PLUS

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Standard System Features
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The most advanced retrofit smart home solution. Lightwave makes life easier with beautifully designed smart home technology that fits with any lifestyle. Lightwave products can be retro-fitted with no need for additional wiring and allow a world of smart possibilities including voice control using Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
Advanced Auto-Calibration
Get the best performance from your smart lighting. Lightwave Smart Dimmers automatically identify the attributes of a dimmable lighting load - whether you have one lamp on a circuit or several, the performance of the dimmer automatically adjusts to the load and the type of lamps used (leading/trailing edge), making installation and setup a breeze.
Standard Dimming Profile
Optimised dimming performance. Vastly improved dimming performance including soft start and instant dim up/down response.
Push Notifications
Increased security of your home. Gain peace of mind and receive Lightwave device notifications on your mobile phone. Be notified if a light gets switched on or your television gets unplugged. You can be notified if your fridge starts to pull too much power, or if your hair straighteners have been left on.
The Smart Dimmer becomes a Smart Switch. If a Neutral wire is present, Lightwave Smart Dimmers can perform ON/OFF switching. This greatly increases bulb compatibility and is ideal for non-dimmable lighting.
LED Indicator Auto-Off
Only there when you need it. Once an event is triggered, the LED indicator of any Lightwave device can automatically turn off after a given time period. This is especially useful in your bedroom at night, or if you want your Smart Sockets to be more discreet when not in use.
Button Lock
Enhanced safety for curious fingers. Lock the physical button of any Lightwave Smart Dimmer or Socket. This can increase safety for children with wandering fingers, and protect any appliances that shouldn’t be turned off like your WiFi router or fridge/freezer.
Energy Monitoring
Optimise energy consumption and lower your carbon footprint. "Enter your electricity rate and the Lightwave app will produce a cost associated with each lighting circuit and appliance in your home. Check to see which appliances are the most energy-hungry and build clever automations to reduce their consumption.* *not available for the following devices: L82
Insertion Detection
The intelligent socket. Detects whether or not a Smart Socket has something plugged into it. You can even create automations and mobile notifications based on this trigger. Example: if gaming console is unplugged, notify me - if kettle is plugged in, turn the socket on - if panel heater is turned off, notify me.
Overheat Protection
Intelligent device protection for added safety. Lightwave mains powered devices can shut themselves down when the internal temperature reaches a certain threshold. This protects the Lightwave device and the connected appliance or light fitting while improving the safety of your home.
7 Day Events History
Your weekly usage. Keep an eye on your weekly behaviour, including system events and daily/hourly view of energy consumption.
Weekly Energy Use Email (Coming Soon)
System Backup & Restore
Your data is safe with us. Your Link Plus system data is covered, whatever happens. Lightwave servers automatically backup your system configuration data including devices, automations, users, zones and rooms. System data can be restored by recalling previous versions of your system, and this data can be transferred to a new Link Plus hub.
Extended Product Warranty
Keep your smart home covered. Your Lightwave PLUS membership extends the standard product warranty on each Lightwave Smart Series device up to 5 years.
Reward Points
Earn points and save. Automatically accrue points against your Lightwave PLUS membership fees and new product purchases. Redeem reward points whenever you like to save on Lightwave products.
Priority Member Support
Premium, personalised support for your smart home. Receive premium support through bookable appointments. Our team of experts can help with setting up new systems, perform smart home health checks, and give customised advice on how to get the most from your smart home.
My Lightwave Energy Dashboard
Enhanced System Features
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The evolution of smart home. Take your smart home to the next level with unrivalled system features, exclusive to Lightwave PLUS members.
Custom Multi-Press
Any button, any function. Each button can trigger a multitude of different actions. Using multiple presses of a single button, you could trigger your floor lamps, heating, or turn off every light in your home. The possibilities are endless.
Custom Button Mapping
Customise the order and location of each lighting circuit within a Smart Dimmer. Each pair of buttons on a multi-gang Smart Dimmer can be swapped around, regardless of the way each circuit is wired into the dimmer.
Custom Dimming Profiles
Add a splash of professional lighting design to your smart home. Customise the dimming attributes of each individual lighting circuit in graphical form based on brightness increase/decrease over time. Gradually increase your lighting in the morning, or add a bit of luxurious theatre to your kitchen lighting zones.
Extended Events History
Access historical data for 13-months. Track improvements to your carbon footprint by comparing your energy consumption and behaviour to the previous year.

Get the most out of your smart home.

Lightwave PLUS is a premium service that gives members extra peace of mind, expert assistance and exclusive rewards. Lightwave has spent over a decade gaining insight into what customers need from their smart home. The benefits of Lightwave PLUS have been sculpted and developed directly from this experience and feedback from our customers. You spoke, we listened.

Whether you’re an existing Lightwave customer or a new user or considering making the investment into a smarter home for you and your family, Lightwave PLUS offers the best way to receive customised, premium support for your Lightwave system – and we actually reward you for it! Become a member or give us a call today for more information.