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Luxury Finishes

An embrace of design excellence, innovation and visual perfection. 

A marriage of beauty and utility.

Uniting luxury, art and technology; chasing the utopian home experience.

  • Brushed Brass - Smart Dimmer (4-Gang)

“I need nothing but my hands and my brain to fashion myself a world to live in that nothing can disturb”

– Edward Burne-Jones

Our Inspiration.

  • Eminent Pre-Raphaelite artist and son of Birmingham, Edward Burne-Jones, eschewed the gritty, industrial world of his Victorian upbringing, instead looking to capture the vivid beauty and colour of myths and legends in his art.

The Finishes.

Each finish is a nod to the sons and daughters

who paved the way from an industrial era of darkness,

to a modern future of continuous innovation.

Antique Brass

George Frederick Muntz pioneered an innovative alloy applied to the hulls of wooden ships in the mid-1800’s. The durability, preservation and strength of Muntz Metal is encapsulated in everything we do, including our Antique Brass finish.

Matte Black

Richard Norman Shaw commenced the Gothic-inspired Tudor Revival architectural movement in the early 1900’s. Inspired by the black tar that was used to preserve bold Tudor architecture, our Matte Black finish will make any living space sleek and stylish.

Brushed Brass

Elizabeth Fulhame pioneered the use of metals such as gold and silver in the dying of fabrics in the 1700s. Just as she saw the allure of gold, as have we with our stunning Brushed Brass finish, bringing a sense of opulence to any room it is added to.

Mirror Chrome

Born in 1710, James Short was a mathematician and physicist who helped lead the way in the development of telescopes. Just as mirrors formed the basis of his dazzling work, our Mirror Chrome finish will add a shine to your living space.

Custom Paint Match

John Logie Baird invented and demonstrated the world’s first colour television back in 1928. It seems only fitting, therefore, that his name be attached to our innovative custom paint finish that allows a customer to match their Lightwave products’ finish to any shade they desire, showcasing colour and creativity just like Baird did.