Take control

The Lightwave Link Plus or Lightwave Link sits at the heart of your smart home system, enabling easy remote control of your devices.

Discover all the advanced integration capabilities of our new Lightwave Link Plus controller.

The right mood:

Set scenes

Control the look and feel of key areas or your entire home with Lightwave’s smart house control system and products. Entertaining? Quiet evening in? Create the perfect mood and scene, however you want your home to feel.

Simulate occupancy:

Stay secure

Away from home? Use Lightwave’s automatic home control system to set schedules for lights to come on at certain times to simulate occupancy, or simply check if you’ve left the oven on. You can even make sure you come back to a well-lit and optimally warm house.

Automation for home:

HomeKit control

Lightwave products seamlessly integrate with Apple HomeKit, so you can control your home from your smartphone or tablet, from wherever you are.

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More you can do

Control your home, room by room. Lightwave enables simple home automated control, designed to enhance your life.

Getting started

It’s easy to get up and running with your own Lightwave system, and you’ll start seeing the benefits straightaway

The Lightwave range

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Smart Series

Home or Away Button
On sale for £20.00 £40.00

Connect Series

Lightwave Link
On sale for £44.99 £89.99

Wire-free Switch
On sale for £17.49 £34.99

Wire-free Switch (2 gang)
On sale for £19.99 £39.99

Scene Selector
On sale for £17.49 £34.99

Wire-free (Plastic) & in-line Dimmer Kits
On sale from £19.99 £59.98

Handheld Remote
On sale for £9.99 £19.99

Wire-free Switch - Plastic
On sale for £14.99 £29.99

Mood Lighting Controller
On sale for £17.49 £34.99

Wire-free Switch (2 gang) - Plastic
On sale for £17.50 £34.99

Mood Remote
On sale for £9.99 £19.99

Home or Away Button
On sale for £20.00 £40.00

Heating Starter Kit
On sale for £99.00 £254.96

Heating Remote Control
On sale for £20.00 £40.00

On/Off/Stop Switch
On sale for £12.50 £25.00

Socket Locker
On sale for £9.99 £19.99