Movement Sensor


Originally £33.99

Model LW107 (Connect Series)

The Lightwave PIR Movement Sensor is wireless and therefore can be positioned anywhere. When it is triggered by the movement of a person, it will automatically turn on a Lightwave Connect Series device (except heating devices) such as a dimmer, socket or plug-in. The PIR can also be set to automatically turn off that device after a set delay period. It can be set to only come on at night, so that, for example, lights will automatically come on in a hall or landing without the need to find the light switch in the dark.

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  • Lightwave hub required for app and voice control


Trigger lights

Automatically turn on and off lightwave dimmers, sockets and relays (Connect Series) when triggering movement sensors or opening the magnetic switch attached to a door or window.

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Product Specifications

Connect Series device

Compatible with Connect Series dimmers, sockets and relays

DIY retrofit

All Lightwave devices are safe and legal to DIY retrofit in your own home


Automatically trigger ON/OFF on Connect Series devices

Full Specs


8.8 x 2.7 x 8.8 cm


AA Batteries required