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Real Homes. Inspired Living.

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This Victorian House

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We all have that one place in the house that we daydream about renovating. Whether it’s tearing down a wall or giving it a lick of fresh paint, it’s something all restless renovators share. For Cam and Freddie, that was their conservatory, and it was a renovation requiring a lot of heavy lifting.

Explore how an old, leaky conservatory was turned into a scenic and smart heart of the house…

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Edwardian Renovation

The owners of this Edwardian property chose to embark on a comprehensive restoration, renovation and extension project. The couple wanted to explore a more sophisticated design solution using Lightwave smart technology. The simplicity that home automation added to their busy lifestyle drew them towards Lightwave’s innovative solutions. They aspired to create a customisable automated system with internal ambient lights, and a beautifully lit garden space.

Fifi McGee

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Fifi Mcgee was suffering the adverse effects of seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D.) and wanted to simulate the sunrise in her bedroom. Using Lightwave, a three-light system was devised especially for the bedroom; two wall lights and an additional ceiling light. This setup used a Lightwave Link Plus and two gang dimmers to control the overhead light, the left-hand wall light and the right-hand wall light. The installation proved to be straightforward as the Link Plus box plugged directly into the router and compatible bulbs were easy to find. The Lightwave software was also easy to set up and fully compatible with Google Assistant meaning the switches could be controlled by voice command, switches, or by using the Lightwave App. The dimmer was programmed to increase the brightness of the bedroom lights incrementally over ten minutes to ease the owners into their morning. Fifi Mcgee woke up feeling refreshed and ready for a new day after installing the Lightwave package.

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Concrete Cow Barn

The Concrete Cow Barn case study follows the exciting transformation of a 1950s concrete and asbestos barn into a modern home. A young family with previous experience of restoring an old cottage, stumbled upon the opportunity to take an unloved concrete shell and turn it in a contemporary living space. It was also the perfect opportunity to incorporate DIY installable Lightwave Lighting, using the Link Plus and various stylist smart dimmer switches throughout their home automation adventure.

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