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Lighting & Power Starter Kit
Lighting & Power Starter Kit
Lighting & Power Starter Kit

Begin your home automation adventure with the Lighting and Power Starter Kit. With a Link Plus, a 1 gang smart dimmer, and a 2 gang smart socket, you'll have everything you need to start controlling your lamps, appliances, and more.

Smart Series products incorporate Apple HomeKit compatibility, 2-way communication, built-in energy monitoring, soft start dimmers and more! The dimmer and socket are quick and easy to DIY install and do not require extra cabling. Optional 10mm spacers are also included.


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Easy Installation

Lightwave Easy Installation

Lightwave is the first comprehensive DIY smart home range in the UK. It’s simple to install yourself and integrates seamlessly with other leading smart home products for worry-free wireless home automation.

Every dimmer or plug socket has been designed so that it looks, behaves and can be installed in exactly the same way as a standard socket or dimmer. In most cases, therefore, installation consists of a quick swap-out using the same wires.

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S. Boarder Electrical

We recently sat down with Stephen from S.Boarder Electrical to gain some first-hand insight into his experiences as a Lightwave PRO. 

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