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Home automation, brought to life. Use smart sockets and plug-ins from Lightwave to create a smarter home.

Bring your home to life. Beautifully designed smart sockets to help control your appliances from wherever you are.

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The right mood:

Schedule appliances

Cooking? Working? Want to switch the kettle on from the comfort of your sofa? Use a Lightwave smart socket to create the perfect atmosphere in your living space, however you want your home to feel at any given moment.

Simulate occupancy:

Stay secure

Away from home? Set schedules for a smart plug-in socket to switch the radio or TV on, or use smart sockets to switch lamps on at certain times to simulate occupancy. Lightwave helps you to control your appliances wherever you are.

'Hey, Siri':

HomeKit control

Lightwave products seamlessly integrate with Apple HomeKit, so you can control your home using voice commands.

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