Easy installation

Welcome to the UK’s first comprehensive yet simple-to-install smart home automation system.


“It just works!”

Lightwave is the first comprehensive smart home range in the UK. It’s simple to install and integrates seamlessly with other leading smart home products for worry-free wireless home automation.

Swap-out design:

Every dimmer or plug socket has been designed so that it looks, behaves and can be installed in exactly the same way as a standard socket or dimmer. In most cases, therefore, installation consists of a quick swap-out using the same wires.

Standard wiring:

All Lightwave products use standard wiring for simplicity. Simply ensure you have back boxes 35mm deep to house our sockets and dimmers (most homes already have these) or use the supplied 10mm spacer to add some extra depth if not.

No special tools:

You don’t need any special tools or expertise to install our products. Wiring diagrams and other helpful videos and guides are available if you need them. And if you find you’re unsure of anything, you can always give us a quick call and speak to a friendly expert.

Safe and legal to install:

We recommend consulting with a suitably qualified expert, or one of our approved LightwavePRO installers, however as long as you’re responsible for the property and don’t undertake any significant re-wiring (you shouldn’t have to do this to install our products), it is perfectly safe and legal for you to install Lightwave in your own home without any specialist qualifications. Of course, if you have any doubts at any stage, always consult a qualified electrician or equivalent expert.


Plug & Play

Many Lightwave devices, such as our Connect Series plug-in sockets, wire-free switches, remotes and the Smart Series Link Plus (which provides app control) are 'plug & play' products. So installation couldn't be simpler.


Plug & Play

Connect Series: plug a lamp into one of our plug-in sockets and link it to the Lightwave App or a stylish wire-free switch that you can stick to the wall and you can introduce impressive scene lighting to a room in seconds. 


Professional Installation

Although our products are easy and safe to install yourself, you may prefer to call an electrician in for professional installation. Consider one of our approved LightwavePRO Installers.

Familiar to any Electrician:

Any electrician with a basic Part-P qualification can legally install Lightwave products (including heating) in your home. Any professional should be familiar with the standard connections provided on our dimmers, sockets or relays and should be comfortable fitting the products.

LightwavePRO installation:

If you prefer, we’re happy to recommend one of our approved LightwavePRO's to provide installation services. If you would like more information about this service, please check out our installer map, give us a call 0121 250 3625 or email sales@lightwaverf.com