Amazon Echo

Use Alexa with the Amazon Echo or Dot to command your Lightwave devices by voice alone.


Hi Alexa...

Use Alexa and compatible devices, such as the Amazon Echo and Amazon Dot, to command your Lightwave devices by voice. Now you can dim lights, change heating temperatures, control sockets and more without having to open the Lightwave App.

• Control lights, power and heating with your voice

• Set up routines to automate your devices

• Add your devices in groups/rooms

Voice control using Alexa:

Discover devices:

"Alexa, discover my devices."


"Alexa, turn on [or off] the [device name]."


"Alexa, increase [or decrease] [dimmer name] by [number]"

Set Temperature:

"Alexa, set [room name] to [number] degrees."

Start scene:

"Alexa turn on mood [name of mood] (Not available on Lightwave Link Plus)"

All Off:

"Alexa turn on [room name] all off (Not available on Lightwave Link Plus)"

Getting started

It’s very simple to start using Alexa with Lightwave. Once you have an Amazon Echo or Dot device, create an Amazon account and download the Alexa App. Within that app, search for and access the Lightwave ‘skill’. This is the set of instructions that allows Alexa to control Lightwave devices. You can then begin to command your Lightwave devices using voice commands, as well as through the Lightwave App.