Voice control

Integration with voice control devices enables you to dim lights, change heating temperatures, control sockets and more without having to open the Lightwave App.

Examples of voice commands

HomeKit Commands


"Hey Siri, turn on [or off] the [device name]."


"Hey Siri, turn my [dimmer name] all the way up."

Turn on/off device type:

"Hey Siri, turn on [or off] my [device]"


"Hey Siri, set [room name] to 21 degrees."

Check Status:

"Hey Siri, is my [device name] on?"

Set a scene:

"Hey Siri, I'm home."

Amazon Alexa Commands

Discover devices:

"Alexa, discover my devices."


"Alexa, turn on [or off] the [device name]."


"Alexa, increase [or decrease] [dimmer name] by [number]"

Set Temperature:

"Alexa, set [room name] to [number] degrees."

Start scene:

"Alexa turn on mood [name of mood] (Not available on Lightwave Link Plus)"

All Off:

"Alexa turn on [room name] all off (Not available on Lightwave Link Plus)"

Google Home Commands


"OK Google, turn on [or off] the [device name]."


"OK Google, brighten [or dim] my [dimmer name] by [number]."

Turn on/off device type:

"OK Google, turn on [or off] all [device type]."


"OK Google, set my [dimmer name] to [number]."

Check Status:

"OK Google, is my [device name] on?"

Turn on/ off everything:

"OK Google, turn [or off] everything."

You can use your voice to control any of your Lightwave devices using Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa or Google Home.